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Australia Still a Lucky Country

The Reserve Bank of Australia has been leading efforts locally for people to focus on the many strengths of our economy. In a recent speech, Deputy Governor Philip Lowe said while the mining boom is over, Australia still has five key strengths that many other countries would envy.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Based in Austin, Texas, Dimensional is a fund management company with a unique selling point, namely that everything it does is based not on speculation but on solid evidence.

It’s also one of those companies that doesn’t like to blow its own trumpet. It never advertises and it barely receives a mention in the financial media press. Yet its influence is growing — the firm recently reported its 77th consecutive month of positive sales. We use Dimensional to provide a low cost core to our portfolios. Below is a video showing the origins of the company and how they use academic research to provide a unique investment offering that sets it apart from other managers.